WP2 Preparation and launch of the co-funded call

Leader: National Research Agency (ANR), France
Contributing Partners: 1) Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE), Germany; 2) The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK); Turkey; and 3) National Fund for Research and Innovation for Development (FO.N.R.I.D), Burkina Faso.

WP2 will implement the ERA-Net co-funded call and it will cover the management of the co-funded call from its definition up to the launch date and beyond, with applicant
support via a dedicated helpdesk run by the Call Office. WP2 lays the base for WP3. Specific objective of WP2 include:

  • Preparing call documents;
  • Launching the co-funded call using an online submission system;
  • Supporting applicants via a dedicated helpdesk; and
  • Efficiently administering pre- and full proposal phase of the co-funded call.

The work package leader will ensure that all documents and procedures fulfil the rules for an ERA-Net Cofund Call and are approved by the funders involved in the co-funded call.

Work Package 2 will produce deliverable: 
D2.1; Call Documents, dissemination level – find the call documents here

There are 22 milestones defined in FOSC. Work Package 2 will deliver the following five milestones:
Milestone2; Call topics identified - call documents
Milestone3; Publication fo the Pre-Announcement on the FOSC website - call Pre-Announcement
Milestone4; Publication of the Announcement on the FOSC website - press release
Milestone6; Start of sumission
Milestone7; Deadline for submisson of the full proposals

The overview of the WP2 structure, objectives, deliverables, output, tasks and milestones is given in the figure below.

Click the image to open a full-sized overview.