WP4 Follow-up and monitoring of projects resulting from the co-funded call

Leader: Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (EV-ILVO), Belgium.
Contributing Partners: 1) Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE), Germany; 2) The Research Council of Norway (RCN), Norway; 3) National Research Foundation (NRF), South Africa; and 4) Strategic Support Program for Scientific Research (PASRES), Ivory Coast.

The aim of WP4 is to follow-up and monitor the progress of the co-funded research projects, and to assess the output and impacts of these projects, all in line with the FACCE-JPI monitoring and evaluation of research framework.

The objectives of WP4 are:

  • To define a common set of project monitoring indicators and procedures that fulfil national and H2020 criteria;
  • To develop and implement a common reporting and monitoring procedure that fulfil both national and H2020 criteria;
  • To monitor and evaluate the progress of the funded projects throughout their running time, providing advice where needed on project implementation; and
  • To assess the potential impact of the research projects.

Work Package 4 will produce the following deliverables:
D4.1; List of indicators for monitoring and evaluation of the co-funded research projects as results of Task 4.1
D4.2; Validated mid-term reports as results of Task 4.3
D4.3; Validated end-term reports as result of Task 4.3
D4.4; Evaluation report submitted to GB, as the outcome of Task 4.3
D4.5; Impact assessment report submitted to GB as the outcome of Task 4.4

There are 22 milestones defined in FOSC. Work Package 4 will deliver the following three milestones:
Milestone13; Monitoring and evaluator indicators for the research projects of the co-funded call defined
Milestone14; Template for monitoring research projects at mid-term
Milestone15; Template for monitoring research projects at end-term

The overview of the WP4 structure, objectives, deliverables, output, tasks and milestones is given in the figure below.

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